In 1979, General Building Materials opened its doors as on office wholesale lumber company focusing on commodity lumber and panels in the Colorado market. Over time, instead of focusing on commodity lumber products GBM began stocking more specialty type lumber items (Cedar & Pine boards, Redwood, Douglas Fir, etc.). A few years later it became apparent that there was a need in the Colorado market for a quality remanufacturing plant, one who not only had the equipment but who also had the lumber knowledge and product mix to do it right.

In 1993, we expanded our offering by adding our first custom profile moulder and began milling all of our patterns and siding in house. Since then, we’ve added 2 more moulders to boost our capacity and product offering. Add to that our ability to resaw, rip, surface and cut basically any type of lumber makes us the source for custom woodworking in Colorado.


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